Logging your Skydives & B.A.S.E jumps made easier than ever

Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app
Skydive Mode

Log Skydives

All the details

Log your skydives with Dropzone, Jump type, Aircraft, Altitudes, Delay, Gear & Descriptions

1200+ Dropzones

Skydivelocations.com gives us realtime data to over 1200 dropzones. Any updates made by dropzone owners are automatically synchronized to your device.

Live Weather

See live weather for any dropzone around the globe! (Requires internet connection)

30+ Aircraft

We've included over 30 aircraft right out of the box.

Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app
B.A.S.E Mode

Log B.A.S.E jumps

B.A.S.E Specific

No more generic vague entries. Log your B.A.S.E jumps with Exitpoint, Jump type, PC size, Slider configuration, Suit, Rig, Delay and description.

Live Weather on Exits

Add GPS coordinates to an exit point and get live weather updates. (Requires internet connection)

Public Exits DB

We include some well known established legal exits. Exits added by users ARE NOT SHARED!. We will continue to add legal exits in cooperation with locals.

Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app
Online Logbook

Online Logbook

See all your jumps online & from anywhere

Access all your data on any device with a web browser from anywhere.

Career profile (coming soon)

Show off your jump stats with family & friends by sharing your summary stats.

Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app
More Features

Images & Signatures


Attach those memories right onto the entry itself.


Get your entries signed off by adding a signature.


View all your images accumulated over the years.