Skydiving & B.A.S.E. jumping logbook app

Currently tracking: 1292 Dropzones, 7343 Skydives, 1459 Exits, 6879 B.A.S.E jumps, 227 Pieces of gear and 239 images

B.A.S.E jumping logbook app


Log your Skydives & B.A.S.E. jumps

Log your Skydives & B.A.S.E. jumps in one app!

Store your jumps in the cloud

Store all your jumps with us. All your data is kept securely on our server. New phone? Simply login and your data is right there again. (Premium required).

Online dashboard

View all of your data in our logbook dashboard.

Exits & Dropzones

Add exits, description, gps latitude and longitude. If you are currently at an exit just turn on your gps and the app will locate you. provides us with realtime data for over 1000 dropzones around the world.

Live Weather

Get live weather stats for dropzones and exits with associated GPS coordinates!

Images & Signatures

Keep those memories attached right to the jump entry itself and get your buddies to sign off on your jumps.

PIN Protect

PIN protect all your jumps incase you get busted!

Skydive & BASE online logbook dashboard

Features coming soon

This app is currently still under heavy development and as such still lacking some features. Here is what you can expect in the near future:

Object height estimator

Use your gps and camera to get an estimate of an objects height (Do not rely on this! Double check with a laser).

Exit map / Waypoints

See all of the exits you have jumped on an easy to use map. Add waypoints for future reference. At a later stage filters will also be available to filter by country/jump type etc..

Beautiful Stats

Ever want a full breakdown of all your jumps? We got it. See full statistics across all your jumps.

Safety articles/news

Get the latest safety articles and news sent straight to your device.

Data Import/Export

We will support various import methods. Export to PDF/CSV to print your logbook (Premium required for export)

Dropzone Events & Courses

All the latest news / events & courses at your local dropzones.