2018-01-23 22:00:49 by: Matthias von Bargen

So you have gotten a new device and want to sync your jumps to it? Here's a few quick steps to make the transition smooth!

Double check everything has synchronized

The easiest way to double check is open your app "Dashboard" and then login to your Online Skydive/BASE logbook and validate the overview statistics match.

If you are seeing the expected numbers you are good to simply login on your new device and all your data will be re-downloaded for you automatically.

There's some entries missing?

This can be caused by the in app authentication expiring. This can happen due to a number of reasons including Facebook app authentication revoking. 2 week session expiration or reinstalling the Facebook app on your device. Essentially it means you are logged out of the app.

Simply login to your old device and allow it to re synchronize your jumps up to the server. Just double check on your online dashboard again to confirm all your jumps are there. 

You should see a small green dot on every entry on the list views which indicates it has successfully synchronized to the server.